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We believe in the Internet’s power and that anyone can transform their website into a profitable business. We feel that the finest audits are performed by an independent third party who is a skilled web developer and/or SEO specialist.

We love creative and design with passion of building epic web experiences to blow people’s minds.

Content is essential for website !!

Content is an essential aspect of any digital marketing campaign. The Content Marketing Institute offers some of the best advice around in terms of how content can help your brand. From industry trends to best practices, their posts offer helpful advice on how to create the best strategies for your business and how your content marketing should play a role in the bigger picture.


Why Perform a Website Audit?

Because not everyone can afford a professional website audit, we’ve decided to transform our professional website audit into a PDF that any website owner can use to examine and grade their own website or blog.

We’ve spent ten years working in web design and SEO, so we know what to read and watch, as well as how to execute and what to alter.


Website Audit Scoring

The grading system should be based on a straightforward pass/fail system. Don’t get hung up on how excellent or horrible something is, or even how you need to change it. Simply go over each item one by one and assign a pass or fail grade.


Keep in mind that SEO and website design have a lot of grey areas. This report is design to get you started and give you a basis by which you can review and audit your efforts.

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