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The terms ERP and CRM are likely familiar to you as a business professional because they are used frequently on numerous industry websites. It can be challenging to thoroughly understand CRM and ERP because some articles use these phrases interchangeably. Although there are some similarities between the two systems, their essential functionalities differ. Both are effective business solutions that raise income and boost output. 

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What is ERP ?

ERP software is made to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s management procedures. ERP manages all of your business’s essential operations, including accounting, service delivery, inventory management, and human resources, allowing you to concentrate on the data. Businesses can instantly obtain real-time information about all of their departments with the most recent ERP software.

Companies can use it as a type of business management software to gather, store, manage, and interpret data. ERP enables a company’s core operation to be automated and integrated, allowing them to concentrate on efficiency and straightforward success.

Every company has work to finish that involves many stakeholders with different responsibilities. However, it becomes difficult when the data required to carry out procedures and make crucial judgments is dispersed among disparate platforms. Employees struggle to locate the information they need and sometimes don’t have access to it at all, regardless of whether the data is stored in spreadsheets or basic business management software. For instance, the accounting and FP&A teams might each have an own spreadsheet for tracking expenses that contains different data.

ERP Benefits

What is CRM ?

CRM software is used to track your customers. CRM systems keep track of customer data and record all pertinent information for the business. 

Companies can develop their customer relationships to boost customer loyalty and revenue by using a CRM system, which automatically manages all the information about a customer.

In order to strengthen business ties, it uses data analysis on customers’ interactions with a company, paying particular attention to client retention and eventually promoting sales growth. 

The days of keeping track of customer information on haphazard spreadsheets and having to regularly check in with your sales staff about leads and possibilities are long gone.

 Using one system, a CRM enables you and your staff to properly handle both prospects and current clients.

CRM Benefits


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